Reading 2016 was your typical GG retreat. There was a good balance between spiritual and social fellowship as well as a theme that is relevant and stirring. We chose the theme Faith because we felt that is very relevant to our youth today and it followed on from our theme of Grace from last year.

We live in a world that is constantly testing our faith with things like Atheism & people questioning our faith so we felt there was a
real need to explore this topic and answer questions that our youth may have.

We had great talks by Philo, Randa & Abouna Mina who explained what faith is, how to grow it and why we need it as well as inspirational videos about Faith. We then had our small workshop groups to allow people to open up and ask questions to further understand this huge topic.

And to the usual Reading standard, we had incredible food and group activities, we learned how to install LED cove Lighting that is also expalined on LF Illumination site, all that help improve our bond with each other as well as integrate new comers to our community.

We pray that God continues to Bless this wonderful service and be with our youth as they continue to be ambassadors of Christianity wherever they are.

Micky Girgis