As Project Ark kicks off, youth across the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of London have taken up the Tough Mudder 5K challenge. On the 5th of May 2019, the lads will put themselves through the ultimate physical test. Tough Mudder is described as the craziest, muddiest, toughest, teamwork-inspired challenge on the planet. So why are they doing this? After hearing about the exciting Project Ark, they decided they had to get involved and contribute to the project with your help. Find out more below and see how you can support these troopers.

Learn more about Project Ark
Learn more about Project Ark

Meet the mudders

Dr Andrew Elnazir
Dentist, 25

Edward Awad
HMP Prison Officer, 27

George Siha
Executive Chef, 24

Macarios Sawires
Electronic Trading Support, 26

Mark Andrews
Business computing student, 23

Mark Guirgis
Chartered accountant, 25

Michael Besada
Sales operations coordinator, 26

Peter Lewis
Corporate Partnership Consultant, 24

Messages from our sponsors

Well done for taking the challenge wishing you all the best. May God bless our church and bless each one of you working for Him

Sherry Makkar

Good luck gents, you will need it 😂

Peter Siha

Good luck boys! So ready for the videos 🙌🏼❤️

Marina Fidal

Best of luck my guys! Make us proud!

Elvis Njoku

Good luck boys! All the best

Mina Fidal

Good Luck !

Lorraine Ayad

Good luck guys! X

Jessica Silva-Pie

An amazing effort! Go get muddy!!! 🙂

Lama Matta

Peter Lewis, I have paid for the ps4, when will you deliver it?

Basil Hanna

Smash it fellas! Wish I coulda been there!! Go get it 👊🏽💪🏽

Arshly Yagoub

You’re all faghdas

Kooky Gali

Yesss this is amazing

Kerolos Badawy

Good luck boys. Eddie please come back safe and sound

Mina Hanna

Go get ’em brothers!

Kiwi Abadir

All the best lads – God bless your service x

Kiro Ghabrial

Great cause and smash the course 💪💪

Sami Haddad

All I gotta say is I can’t wait to watch you guys struggle – all for a good cause 😌💪🏽 Best of luckkkk x

Joyce Hakim

Good luck bros. I’ve been in this situation before lol you can do it ❤️

Michael (Merky) Dryas

Good luck!

Max Yousif

Goodluck boys, all the best 🙂

Diana Salih

Best of luck Bastings!!!

Tanzimul Laskar

Smash it lads, thank you for supporting Project Ark

Bishoy Elwazan

GO CHEEKS! hahah

Luisa Kreuz

Good idea, God bless you all

Nashat Besada

Go Michael, good luck, wishing you all the best

Mona Besada

Best of luck !!!!!

Julie Kheir

Eddie – please don’t fall over.

Elariah Asaad

Best of luck guys! Make us proud!

Mark Assad

Enjoy the run 🙂

Istvan Blasko

Good luck !

Clara Hanna

Great job boys! Best of luck and whoop whoop on project Ark! x

Fadi Lewis

Wishing you all the best. God bless your hearts of service.
P.S someone film Eddie for me!
Randa x 🙂

Randa Wassef

God bless you guys! Much love

Antoine Morcos

So proud of you all. Come on everyone…support our boys!!!

Love, prayers and blessings to you all!

Might even come and watch if I can…

Archbishop Angaelos

Good luck boys. Have fun

Donna Andrews

What an amazing challenge. Rather you than us but so thankful for you! God bless you. All the best 🙂

Antony & Joanna Aziz

I would really love to watch you guys doing this! What a great thing to do. Hope you raise the money that’s needed

Sylvia Sidhom

Good luck boys! God be with you guys -He’ll always love and rate you even if you don’t finish the course but we won’t ❤

Mark Yanni

God bless your hard work

Philopatir Hana

Keep up the amazing work gentlemen !!

Hani Salih

Good luck to you all. Especially whoever has to carry Mark A around 😉

Ian Pudney

Keep Calm and Mudder on! 🙂

Sandra Henien


Mina Seha

You guys are the best! Love you all x

Marina Siryana

Best of luck! Can’t wait to see you boys get through this! 😋

Sandra Gindi

This is a big move boys, taking part in raising funds towards an area that will unite the church together under one roof in one body is truly a blessing. You are inspiring the youth of the church to also be more involved within our church community. Big love to all of you and best of luck with your challenge.

Rommani Youssif

Wishing you all lots of muddy crawls. Good luck.

Joana Calado

Good Luck to all of you lads
Make sure you cross the finish line
All the very best!!
PS: you could do better with the picture, about time 😉

Laxmi Gurung

Mark, go for it..! I know you’ll do great. The Data Office are cheering you on 🙂 Simon

Simon Wickes

Go Dr Elnazir…. good luck whoop whoop!!

Tamara White

Good luck out there boys x

Mark Ghobry

Great challenge gents and am sure you are all up to the challenge.

Andrew Whitworth

Good luck guys! Such a great thing you’re going to do! You’ll smash it!

Christine Nematalla
What a great idea, well done for doing this boys! This new hall will be a part of your future and your efforts in raising these funds will make a huge difference. May God reward you for your efforts. Good Luck!
Mickey Girgis
Good luck guys you can do this and if you need any tips on how to work out call me I go to the gym now
Eve Ishak
Good luck boys. Wish you all the best!
Sarah Henien
Wishing you boys all the best and thank you for supporting Project Ark
Hani Salih

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