Walkers will begin at 12pm from St. Mary & Archangel Michael Church, Golders Green. Head to St. Mark Church, Kensington, then return to St. Mary & Archangel Michael Church. Refreshments and supporters will be there on the journey to ensure everyone is energised and ready to participate in what we hope will be a very enjoyable day!

The half marathon walk will be very challenging for everyone taking part as it will take on average 5 hours to complete. The mission of this challenge is to give the opportunity for the 40+ age group to raise money for Project Ark which they’re very passionate about while walking through the great city of London. Walk with us and help support building the future.

Learn more about Project Ark

meet the walkers

Fr. Mina Barsoum
Fr. Mina Barsoum
Hani Salih
Hani Salih
Marco Saadalla
Marco Saadalla
Michael Baid
Michael Baid
Ash Shahata
Ash Shahata
Maryou Lambros
Maryou Lambros
Kamal Shawky
Kamal Shawky
Ragaa Fakhouri
Ragaa Fakhouri
Vicky Sidaroos
Vicky Sidaroos
Iman Tadros
Iman Tadros
Mageid Mansor
Mageid Mansor
Hani Fakhouri
Hani Fakhouri
Evlin Andrews
Evlin Andrews
George Hawi
George Hawi
Elia Fakhouri
Elia Fakhouri
Gigi Ibraham
Gigi Ibraham
Marie Mikhail
Marie Mikhail
Maria Fahmi
Maria Fahmi
Murad Youssef
Murad Youssef

Messages from our sponsors

Thank you, Abouna Mina, for leading this amazing event.
God bless every step you take and the steps of those that follow you.

Vinod Baid

Have fun guys! Really proud of you all!

Kiwi Abadir

Well done for all your efforts!!

Marina Abdalla

Go mama Evlin Andraws! Love from Mariam, Mina and baby! X

Mariam Girgis

Good luck!

Marina Albert

Good luck mum, this will be a breeze for you!!!

Girgis Kamal

Well done to all the participants can’t wait to do the walk come on

Hani Fakhouri

Good luck all!

Mariana Abdelsaid

I would to say good luck for all, also wish to see all the media published this wonderful event, God bless you all

Joseph Sefain

Best of luck and God Bless you all 🙏

Samia Abdelsayed

God bless all of you

Sohair Gubrial

Wishing you all the very best and hope you raise the whole amount

Sofie Ioannou

I would like to sponsor Ragaa Fakhouri. Good Luck to all

Tireza Somaan

Well done ragaa !!

Hani Salih

Good luck to everyone


الهنا الصالح يعطينا النجاح ونحن عبيده نقوم ونبني

Marsil Gali


Mina Seha

Well done 👍

Medhat & Caroline

Good luck

Michael Ghobrial

Good luck Majeid and fingers crossed you find the finish line. All the best Joe Jelley

Jonathan Jelley

God Bless

Huwaida Fakhori

But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh. Galatians 5:16

George Fakhouri

Good luck

Suheir Elfons

Mr M.
Hope you are getting prepared to smash the challenge. All the best Mr S 🙂

Slade Smith

May the Lord bless such great work

Nabil Raphael

Well done everyone, have fun, enjoy the walk. Looking forward to hearing that you all safely completed the walk.
God bless you all, bless Project Ark and bless our beautiful and beloved Church.

Nabeel Boutros

Good luck Maryou!!! 🙂

Ines Figueiredo

Have fun Mageid

Adam Smith

Best of luck Mageid and everyone!

David Yeldon

Good luck Mageid & Team
Love Rhianna x

Rhianna Spencer

Great cause so all the best of luck ladies and gents.

Andrew Whitworth

Go Maryou!

Adam Sharp

Such a great cause. Good luck with the walk!

Mila Daly

God luck to all !!!

Maria Fahmi

Take it easy guys!

Theodor Wender

Good luck to all taking part in this worthwhile cause.

Stavros Marangos

Good luck everyone

Alefat Karim

Go for it Mageid

Charlie Wetherall

Good Luck Ragaa, you are doing a great job for a good cause. Best of luck to the rest of the team achieving the target.

Brid Fennell

Good Luck to All
especially Abouna Mina and Vicki xx

Vivian Yanni

Best of Luck Mr Mansor!

Elliott Chamberlain

Good luck everyone and God bless you all.

Ilham Fahmi

Inspired by all of you !
Great cause !
God bless all you efforts

Tina Wingate

Always proud of you all

Margaret Nichola

Well done to all those people who took time out to walk today.
Very proud of GG. Well done 👍
Next time, I’ll join you if another walk is arranged. 🤗

Sylvia Ayoub

Well done to everyone today. It was an absolute delight to be part of such a wonderful team.
You all did AMAZING!!!
God bless you, your loved ones and all who love you

Vinod Baid

Very proud of everyone

Hani Salih

Well done everyone! This was great fun 🙂

Vicky Sidaroos

Well done team 40+ SMAAM church.
14 foot soldiers physically destroyed, but unbreakable spirit. You inspire us.

Marco Saadalla

Thank you for all who sponsors us and well done for all those who walked the 15miles well done everyone looking forward for a new challenge 😊

Hani Fakhouri

Go Go Mageid!!!

Joe Thein

Well done Vinod and Team

Tina Patel

Well done. Sponsoring Ragaa Fakhouri for her charitable fundraising activities. Well done all the team.

Gill Morris

Congratulations Ragaa. You are an inspiring lady. Well done all.

Antoine MB

Sponsoring my colleague & friend Ragaa. Well done.

Nikki Patsalou

Sponsoring Ragaa Fakhouri, congratulations Ragaa for achieving half a marathon. Well done all the team!

Bernada Marks & Spencer

Well done Raaja

Kavi Shah

Sister Ragaa You have done well.

Dinesh Patel

Congratulations Ragaa, for supporting your charity & walking half a marathon. Well done team Celia (Marks & Spencer)

Celia Parker

Well done Shabab, keep it going Marie and Marco. Nearly there.

Victoria Saad

Well done with the result from sam and laura and the team at professional mortgage advisers

Sam Elias

Well done. God bless you

Radi Siha

You are a Legend Ragaa! Congratulations on your fantastic achievement walking half a Marathon. John Challagne “Marks & Spencer”

John Challagne