On this day, we declare Jesus Christ our King! When the time came for our Salvation, He entered Jerusalem publicly among the people who came to celebrate the Passover in Jerusalem. When the Lord approached the city, the multitude started to praise Him with words specified for the coming Messiah saying “Hosanna in the Highest. This is the King of Israel. Blessed is He, who comes in the Name of Lord of Hosts.” It was customary that a king riding a donkey came in peace. One riding a horse came for war. The King of Peace rode a colt, a new animal, never ridden before. Jesus was a New King and sat on a new animal. The colt, a symbol of the New Testament, was ridden for the first time and was accompanied by its mother (Old Testament) to be tamed. The Lord crowned the Old Testament by the New Testament. This day was the day that the Jews used to select the lambs to be slaughtered for Passover. They would keep these lambs for four days. On this day, they selected the Lord as the sacrificial lamb.

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